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Living at Victoria Park

(Katzbachstraße 15 in 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg)

Katzbach AO

The residential building in Katzbachstraße 15 was built around 1900 in massive construction as a five-story residential building on a plot of approx. 440 m².

All parts of the building have a full basement. This old Wilhelminian building presents itself with impressive stucco elements on its façade.
In the stairwell partially appealing colored ornamented glazings are present. Banisters and doors are made of historic wooden components.

The courtyard is facing west and is made inhabitant friendly. In the individual apartments, the heat supply is secured by a gas central heating.

Most apartments are in good condition with mostly parquet, floor or laminate flooring. The windows in the building are partly made of wood, which gives the object a historic charm and partially made of plastic with ISO glazing.

Furthermore, the following measures to increase the quality of life and living are provided (by WEG decision):

    • Renovation of the façade Damage with subsequent painting, existing balconies will be reworked
    • Revision and color scheme of the staircase, historical wooden components are being revised
    • Installation of an external elevator system at the back of the house (subject to planning permission)
    • Extension of balconies from the 1st floor to the 4th floor in the courtyard area (subject to planning permission)
    • Laying coconut or sisal runner in the stairwell
    • Redesign of the courtyard
    • Renewal of the letterbox installation under plaster
    • Renewal of the bell tableau




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