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About Us | Gies & Schramm

  • Experience and expertise in the Berlin real estate market since 1991 (references)
  • Specialization in high value residential and investment properties , tax -oriented offers and apartment buildings with a focus on West Berlin
  • Contact for investors and partners
  • Own financing department with excellent bank contacts
  • Sales-oriented homepage with access to all sales materials (login area)
  • Our cooperation with all business partners and customers based on our extensive range of services

We are specialized in:

For investors

  • Collaboration with renowned real estate companies, asset managers and private owners
  • Mediation of residential and business properties with potential for rental and capital appreciation
  • Recovery operations to global objects , performing the division business through retail sales . Receipt of seclusion certificates and declarations of division, performing tenant consultation
  • Mediation of powerful property management companies and construction companies

For the distribution (see References)

  • Providing attractive offers for apartments in good residential locations in Berlin
  • Full service including preparation of notarial purchase contract documents, implementation of object and viewings, promoting tax offices as well as accompaniment for later tenant mediation
  • Regular information service on current events at the Berlin real estate market
  • Training opportunities in our offices in a central city location close to Kurfürstendamm
  • If required, also taking over the complete customer advice based on a separate agreement

For years, we also cooperate with foreign customers. That's why we provide our business partners within and outside the EU area to request a complete service, which, like all aspects of real estate ownership in Germany like

  • Bank Contacts,
  • Cooperation with lawyers,
  • Notaries , tax offices,
  • Property managers, and specialized contractors

taken into account.

This complete service ensures a quality property management and at the same time meets all statutory and regulatory requirements that are imposed on the owners of real estate in Germany